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Search Engine optimisation:

SEO Ranking Service

Only $59.95/Month Per URL (3 keywords). 
Works for Youtube Videos/Local Business Too!

We've been doing SEO/internet marketing for over 10 years and have written SEO strategy ebooks as well as created several SEO software tools.

We will be using the EXACT same SEO linking strategies We use on our very own money sites for our SEO clients.

Try Out Our SEO Ranking Service Only $59.95 First month, afterward 35$/Month or 300$/year

Set-It And Forget-It SEO.

Let us Take Care Of Increasing Your Search Engine Rankings,

and Bringing You Long Term Organic Traffic.

No Contracts, Cancel Anytime!

There's only 1 SEO plan for all our clients. We treat everyone the same... with RESPECT!

Just one flat rate monthly price for our SEO ranking service, whether you're a small time business or a six-figure marketer.

Our SEO service is very simple. Nothing complicated.

You pay $59.95/month per site (up to 3 targeted keywords) for our SEO ranking service, We increase your website rankings for those keywords within 30 days.

There are no contracts or minimum requirements, you can cancel anytime you like!

We will work hard to increase your Search Engine Rankings, bring you more organic "long term" traffic, so you can generate more leads and sales. That way, you can continue to use our SEO ranking service.

When you are happy, We are happy, and everybody wins!

SEO Service Include?

We use our own private SEO network with a vast variety of niches and sites such as: web based tools sites, blogs, forums, directories, top lists,  and social media platforms to build quality backlinks on.

This in NOT a private blog network (PBN) consisting of only blog sites. We run a variety of different types of sites that are ideally better than just having blog links back to your site.

The key to increasing search engine rankings is to build quality & relevant  backlinks. We have a variety of sites across ALL major niches:

  • Internet marketing
  • Health & Fitness
  • Shopping
  • Finance
  • Software
  • Games
  • Electronics & Technology
  • Entertainment
  • And Many Other Niches!
  •  *Please note

Every client will have access to their own private keyword ranking reports page, which gets updated daily.

You will be able to check and track your keyword rankings progress at anytime! As seen below.

Keyword Ranking Report

We use only the most accurate keyword tracking tool on the web, and will be able to track your website's keywords up to the top 100 ranking results.

When you order our SEO service it will be tor increasing rankings for 1 of your website, and you can choose up to 3 targeted keywords.

Can SEO Service Increase Rankings For Any Keywords?

It would be awesome to increase any keywords' rankings to the top page; but sadly, We CANNOT guarantee increase rankings for all keywords.

We will not be able to help you if you are targeting extremely competitive keywords such as these exact keywords: web hosting, make money, apple iphone, shopping, etc.

By targeting these types of extremely competitive keywords, you are SERIOUSLY wasting time and money.

It is ideal to target long tail keywords or keywords with lower competition. This will increase your chance of ranking higher which brings in targeted traffic which generates leads/sales.

We've been in internet marketer for 10 years and we Have Over 20,000+ Sales With Thousands Of Happy Customers Worldwide.

Buy With Confidence!

Positive Ranking Results and traffic to your website after using our SEO service within the first 30 to 60 days

Grab This Amazing SEO Deal Now!

This is for 1 website (Up To 3 Related URL) + Up To 3 Targeted Keywords.

*Yes, you can purchase more than once if you have

multiple sites, the price is still the same at $59.95/month per site.

*YES! You can resell my seo services, all keyword tracking reports are unbranded and you can certainly give these links to your customers!

This is a Special introductory offer price and the price will increase. Buy now to lock in the low $59.95 price while you can.

To Your Success


SEO Resellers!

You can resell my SEO service and keep the profit. Resell for any price you like. Fully unbranded tracking reports for your customers!